ACMJ_hdr.gif (5514 bytes) 4x10.gif (52 bytes)Published over a 3½ year period in the late eighties and early nineties, ACM Journal was designed to provide practical information and contacts for various alternative ministries - theatre, music, art - with an international emphasis. Publications and mail-order avenues that developed during these years began to duplicate much of the publication's material and readership.
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4x10.gif (52 bytes)Our subscriber base grew to well over 2000 by Issue 10, while circulation peaked at 10,000 with Issue 6.  Ultimately, advertising and subscriptions were never able to fully cover printing, mailing, and cd pressing costs...
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4x10.gif (52 bytes)The following represent the ten issues and reprints of articles and interviews for those who missed an opportunity to read them when published. The compilation cd's are out of print, although a few copies of the 2nd Anniversary compilation are still available - drop us a note if interested in one.
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Issue 1 Cover

Issue 1

Article: Highlight on Jeff Johnson
Purpose, contributors
Review: Flevo Festival
Article: Alternative Ministries
Record Company, Radio Station/Show, and Mail-order listings
CD, LP, CS listing

Issue 2 Cover

Issue 2

Interview: Reneé Garcia
Article: Distribution ideas for independent artists
Video listing
CD, LP, CS listing

Issue 3 Cover

Issue 3

Interview: Charlie Peacock
Article: CD or not CD - Was that the Question?
CD, LP, CS listing

Issue 4 Cover

Issue 4

Interview: Innocence Mission
Interview: Scaterd-Few
Review: Pacific Theatre's Remnant
Article: Royalty and Records - The Life of Count de Moni
CD, LP, CS listing

Issue 5 Cover

Issue 5

Interview: The Clear
Interview: Steve Scott
Review: Pacific Theatre's Remnant
Article: List of dance-oriented songs through 1990
Article: Why Toss the Two-sided Coin? - From ...
CD, LP, CS listing

Issue 6 Cover

Issue 6

Interview: Ashley Cleveland
Interview: Greg Griffin of KOKF
Article: Jeff Johnson
Article: Where Angels Fear to Tread - A brief primer...
Mail-order listings
CD, LP, CS listing [abridged]

Issue 7 Cover

Issue 7

Letter from the Editor
Feature: Misc. Notes
Feature: Music News Update
Interview: Dig Hay Zoose
Interview: Sincerely Paul
Interview: Code of Ethics
Interview: conclusion of KOKF interview from Issue 6
Article: Video Kills
CD, LP, CS listing

Issue 8 Cover

Issue 8

Music News Update
Interview: Simple Truth
Review: Taproot Theatre's Angels Fall
Article: Independent Artists
Worksheet: Product Worksheet - CD, CS, Video

Issue 9 Cover

Issue 9

Music News Update
Interview: Over the Rhine
Interview: Fred - An interview with an Artist
Article: The Censorship Lie
CD, LP, CS listing

Issue 10 Cover

Issue 10

Music News Update
Interview: Sorrow of Seven [partial...]
Article: Photospective by Mark Ellner
Article: The Death of the Christian Music Industry
Article: Where can our Sheep Mentality Lead?
Publication and resource alternatives to ACM Journal...

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4x10.gif (52 bytes)For those interested in a bit of history, ACM Journal was born from the unmet need for timely industry news during the mid-eighties when I hosted an Alternative Christian Radio Program at Texas A&M called 'New Account' and then 'Things Break' with an obvious nod to Elim Hall's release of the same name.  Later in Orange County, I co-hosted a show titled 'Off The Record' with Charles Gates.  I plan to post some excerpts from those shows online sometime in the future.
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4x10.gif (52 bytes)Related outlets for alternative music and ministry at the time included dj'ing at a couple of 'I Love Jesus Parties' in a neighboring dorm and organizing three Alternative Christian Dances in College Station, Texas.
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4x10.gif (52 bytes)A final note of trivia - there was an early predecessor to ACM Journal when I printed and circulated a two issue paper named Alatheia at Texas A&M in 1983.  Humble origins indeed...

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4x10.gif (52 bytes)I also have an interest in wooden trains.  I was snowed in for a week and spent that time formalizing ideas for narrow modular railways and shelf railroads.  These can be found online and in printed form by visiting

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